Australia Telecom abbreviation

Term / Abbreviation Description
AB AS Built
CAD Computer Aided Drafting
Check-In Process within the OPTUS Drawing Management System where OPTUS approved drawing file is uploaded into the system.
Check-Out Process within the OPTUS Drawing Management System to download a drawing and flag that it is being updated or modified.
DMS Document Management System
DSL Draft Site Layout (and Elevation) drawing package
D & C Manual Optus Design & Construction Manual (all OSD specifications and drawings)
dwg AutoCAD® drawing file
dwt AutoCAD® drawing template file
DXF Data eXchange Format drawing file
eJV Expanded Joint Venture (Optus & Vodafone)
FC For Construction
JV Joint Venture (Optus & Vodafone for 3G-2100)
LAN Local Area Network
Link antenna Microwave radio antenna (aka parabolic antenna)
MHA (or TMA) Masthead Amplifier (or Tower Mounted Amplifier)
NWR Network re-arrangement (works at an existing site)
NFC Not For Construction
OLE Microsoft® Object Linking and Embedding
Optus SingTel Optus Mobile Pty Limited
OSD Optus Standard Document (specification or drawing)
Site Optus mobile base station (proposed, under construction or existing)
Site Drawings Set of drawings (layouts, elevations, details, etc.)
WA Work Authority number (issued by Optus)


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