Today, with the proliferation and penetration of the internet in different societies the importance of access to the internet is very important. One of the communication infrastructures of any country today is dependent on the growth of Telecom industry.
There are various factors involved in the growth and development of the industry that has become one of the basic needs today.

One of the important factors of technology is the manufacturing of equipment in this industry that is growing rapidly and optimizing, these include the rapid growth of 3G and 4G technologies and the arrival of 5G in less than a few years. As we know, 5G technology will redefine human life and human will create a new world through this communication platform.
Maratus Tech Company has the ability to provide engineering consulting services in the field of feasibility and preparation of necessary documentation for upgrading the existing sites. These include SAED, feasibility report, HOP, site inspection, NFPOI, RLM, DSL and FC drafting.

Also Maratus Tech is one of the first companies to develop fully specialized TELCO industry engineering drawing through Revit Software, and with the creation of a strong data base, it significantly enhances the speed of design and accuracy of the drawing of this industry. Maratus believes that future belongs to pioneers, in this regard, it is trying to extend the idea of the transition from 2D drawing to 3D ones.
When it comes to 5G technology, we should be expecting 5G level engineering documents.

Antennas EME Exclusion Zones

Prior to Revision 6, the Antennas EME Exclusion Zones drawing (‘R1’), when provided, showed occupational and general public EME exclusion

Optus site inspection instruction

Inspections The Supplier will notify Optus at least 24 hours in advance of inspections required or requested to be made

Australia Telecom abbreviation

Term / Abbreviation Description AB AS Built CAD Computer Aided Drafting Check-In Process within the OPTUS Drawing Management System where