Mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) refers to these aspects of building design and construction. In commercial buildings, these elements are often designed by a specialized engineering firm. MEP design is important for planning, decision making, accurate documentation, performance- and cost-estimation, construction, and operating/maintaining the resulting facilities

BIM is a modern engineering design approach, which goes beyond the use of conventional construction plans to represent and specify a project. Instead, BIM uses 3-dimensional building models with detailed information about system components, effectively creating a virtual reality version of the building before actual construction. BIM can be applied to all technical disciplines, including not only MEP systems but also architectural and structural aspects.

5G Scope Description

Equipment: New AEQN antenna to be installed 1 off per sector. New Airscale to be installed with 2 x AMIA,

Colar H-Frame Structure

Colar H-Frame Structure Vodafone 5G upgrade by Nokia Equipment 

Antenna Structures and Design

Antenna Structures and Design   Axicom Structures The expansion of Axicom sub-licence reference design, to include 5G AAUs / additional